Initial Setup
Enterprise Network

This service represents initial setup of your network infrastructure. In this step we help you acquire various parts of network infrastruture, install them on proper location in your office, and connect them with wire and wireless throughout your office. It's a critical step to ensure that your network software and hardware work properly and stay secure and reliable. As a result of this service, you will have Server Room / Data Center in your office.

  • Recommendation on new network equipment
  • Physical and logical arrangement of nodes (devices) and connections in a network (network topology)
  • Installation and configuration of switches, routers, networks, printers, wireless access points and scanners
  • One visit to your office for inspection and recommendation on network topology
  • One market visit with your employee to acquire used equipment, if any.
  • We will ask the following questions
    • What solutions will you be running in your organization?
    • How many number of users/employees/clients are likely to use the systems?
    • What budget do you have for the equipment/infrastructure?
  • We always advise that you purchase new hardware. However, you may opt to purchase used Server machine to stay within budgetary constrants.