File Server
Enterprise Network

The Windows File Server role allows customers to share files using attached storage and integrates seamlessly with Active Directory with NTFS permissions. Files are served to end users over SMB file shares that can be mapped as drives or accessed by UNC paths.

  • Files on client computers are synced to File Server
  • Users can find their files on any computer on the network
  • Create backup of data on all computers from file server
  • Make remote access of files possible
  • Set drive quota for users
  • Set file types allowed on the drive

Minimum Server Requirements

  • Intel Core i5 2 Ghz
  • Windows Server 2016
  • 3 GB RAM for Windows
  • 30 GB free hard disk space for OS
  • 256 GB or above SSD for users' files
  • This is the demo of how your employee will experience desktop and This PC (My Computer) after they login any computer on your network.
  • Whatever you save on Desktop, Downloads, Documents and other user's folders is also automatically saved/synced to File Server.
  • Files of user's folders will be available on all computers after login.
  • Restrictions on this user to use windows features, have been imposed by Domain Controller.

This is not demo of file server administration. Please contact us for server side demo on site visit.